What To Expect

Expect variety. Expect friendly. Expect to leave different than how you come.


We like variety in music styles. Most Sunday's there will be instrumental and vocal music provided by members and attenders of Gospel Open Bible. We will most likely stand to worship. Some will clap their hands in tempo to the music. Some will raise their hands in worship. Some may choose to pray (standing or kneeling). Some of our music will be loud, some soft. Some will be old hymns and some new praise choruses. We may use a youtube or some other video as part of our worship celebration.


We pray. We pray as we gather, we pray for one another, we pray for others, we pray for the sick, we pray for missionaries, we pray for ourselves. Some will pray out loud, some in silence...yes, we pray.


Our pastor will usually speak for about 40 minutes. He will most likely use visual media. Someone from our congregation may share a testimony of what the Lord is doing in their life, workplace or family. Others may also speak. We believe in the operation of the gifts of the Spirit, which allows for a word of wisdom, a word of knowledge, prophesy and tongues with interpretation as valid expressions of our time in prayer, praise and worship.


The lyrics for our worship will be projected on a screen for the benefit of all. Each week we make use of media in a variety of formats.


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